I really enjoy sharing what I am learning and am excited about. It's not easy for me, I get insanely nervous, but ultimately I learn something new of myself and the content. Here are some of the speaking opportunities at which I've had the privilege to share.


Fantastic Chatbots and where to find them

February 2018, Rubyfuza, Cape Town, South Africa

Presentation speakers notes & ideology co-created with Arrie Pieterse.

Voice and text based interfaces are making their way into our products and it turns out, are actually reasonably simple to build.

We will give you a ridiculously short, principled understanding of natural language processing, while building a chatbot that can handle registering a user for your site and responding to small talk. Now what if your chatbot could order you pizza on demand? Or repay an IOU in seconds? Let’s explore this together as we share our foray into text based interfaces and how we can apply them right now.

Demo integrations: Google Assistant (UI), Google Dialogflow (NLP), and Root.co.za for the banking API.

Slides by https://instagram.com/ichimatt

Platform45: Our Agile Design & Development Journey

August 2017, Agile Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa

All Design Credit to https://www.linkedin.com/in/emijl-de-kock-a313a749/.

Presentation speakers notes & ideology co-created with Adam Sachs (https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-sachs-8585b660/).

Presented at Agile Africa 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa

This is Platform45's journey to embracing change in our business through the Agile values and principles. We have learnt to inspect and adapt on every level.

We have learnt that when we are real and intentional about realizing Agile values and principles in our business, that everyone is aligned and we are able to design practices around a shared vision of what we want the company to be.

This presentation exists not to be an authoritative source of how to apply Agile, but rather a story of our journey: mistakes made & lessons learned. If there is anything you take away from this talk is that you should avoid some of the things we tried - and try other things for yourself.

Slides, Conference Website, Illustrated Presentation Content

Platform45: Our Design & Development Journey

April 2017, Platform45, Johannesburg, South Africa

This is an internal presentation I gave at Platform45 on big process changes with how we regard design and development processes in our business. Thank you to the Platform45 team's support in this, especially to Emijl de Kock and Adam Sachs how help craft the design of and design content of the presentation.

Slides, Website

Elixir. Much Distributed. Such Reliable.

February 2016, Rubyfuza, Cape Town, South Africa

Elixir is a fairly new functional programming language that runs on top of the Erlang virtual machine, known as the BEAM. Elixir opens up the mysterious world of Erlang to the average developer via an accessible syntax. Let us explore what this wonderful language and platform have to offer by looking at how they apply to building real time features into a typical request-response web application, and discover the answer to the question "Why erlang?".

Slides, Code, Demo

A Tale of Two Testing Frameworks

September 2015 at Jozi Ruby, Johannesburg, South Africa

There are two main testing frameworks for Ruby code: RSpec and Minitest. I learnt testing coming to Ruby using RSpec as many of our companies Rails app used it. As I gained more experience, I begun to wonder why. I started to feel subtle pains of maintaining a large RSpec codebase. On my latest project I gave minitest a go, and this is what I learnt...

There's no true winner. I prefer the simplicity of Minitest, but because RSpec is so popular, you need to know both frameworks as a professional Rubyist.


Diagnosing Cancer with Machine Learning

August 2015 at Madison+ Ruby, Madison, WI, USA

Computational intelligence is the art of building artificial intelligence with software. We’ve all reached for metaphors and stories to explain and model difficult concepts in OOP. Let's dive into models and show how to build a classifier to predict a cancer diagnosis with high accuracy. Lastly we'll discuss a non-deterministic way of thinking about software, and what the impact could be for what we believe are intelligent machines.

Slides, Video, Demo, ML Code, Web app Code

Previous iterations of this talk: v1, v2

Designing Slides for Developers

February 2015 at Pretoria Ruby, Pretoria, South Africa

As a developer you're probably going to have to present something, sometime, to someone. Why not use some simple hacks to pimp out your content, and deliver a striking message. This was given at a local monthly meetup.


The Birds & The Bees

February 2014, Rubyfuza, Cape Town, South Africa

My first real speaking gig. An overview of computational intelligence (AI) paradigms focusing on their practical applications, the joy of programming in metaphors (birds, bees, ants etc). I'll introduce each paradigm in {neural networks, fuzzy systems, artificial immune systems, swarm intelligence and evolutionary computation} but focus on swarm intelligence and go through examples, like, simple data clustering using ants.

Slides, Video, Code